artwork by Catherine Langsdorf

Friday, December 31, 2010

I saw a zentangle done by Maria with three ornaments. It looked great. It inspired me to create the zentangle, cut it out as an ornament, add gold & glitter and then heavily glaze it. Only got a few made for this year, but hope to make more for next year!
Happy New Year!
Have a safe New Year's Eve celebration!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New BLOG just for FUN

I am really starting to spend a good deal of my art time with this crazy thing called Zentangling.

My first introduction was at a local calligraphers gathering. We spent time watching Maria Thomas' video on how to draw a zentangle. I was hooked. How could drawing repetitive designs be so captivating?

So, I carried a small journal where ever I went - basketball & soccer practice, appointments, and meetings. There were always folks curious as to what I was doing - it seemed hard to explain.

My next encounter was at IAMPETH where I took a class with Maria & Rick Roberts. They were amazing. So much energy and delight in these little designs. The room was full of folks with the same crazy interest. I was encouraged and delighted.

As you must know, if you are reading blogs, there are lots of folks out there hooked on this art. There are so many great resources for ideas and inspiration. I hope to contribute in some small way to this explosion of creativity and eye candy. My favorite place to look is on Flickr - Photo share. There is a great group just for Zentangles!

I look forward to posting new art often.