artwork by Catherine Langsdorf

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Challenge 11 - monotangle

While in church - listening to the sermon, of course, this shape came to me - the parentheses,{. The shape seemed like it could make an interesting start to a tangle pattern. Since I do not know all of the patterns - maybe it already has been done, but it is new to me. Here is my original design thought:

So, for this week's challenge I wanted to play with it a bit more. Still needs some work but . . . in time. 
The paper I used was a frozen color creation (but that is another story).

My second attempt at the monotangle was:

Crazy coloring! Two things are going on here: 1) practicing indirect color blending as described in "Time to Tangle with Color" by Marie Browning on page 8. Still have some work to do with that technique. Better paper would have helped a lot. 2) the color chartreuse. Somerset Studio Magazine has a call for entries based on the color chartreuse. I have an idea for a calligraphic exemplar for the Lively Art of Lettering section. So I was checking out the color. Not one I would usually use, but something to think about.


Joni said...

love your new tangle,(have you given it a name?) had to laugh when you posted the church program with the tangle on it... just like I do in Church. Your tile with "Cubine" is excellent too! The coloring really adds to the interest.

Marianne said...

two fantastic tiles. I love your parentheses tangle and your coloring is wonderful.
Thank you

stART said...

These are gorgeous - your parentheses are so deliciously graceful.

Anonymous said...

I like both your tangles...and the color in the second one is perfect! I like that the parentheses one looks like the inside of a sea shell. You inspire me to try this art form!

Anonymous said...

The colors in these make them flow. I love the sunny spiral staircase of the first, and to think just a simple parenthetical. I'll have to look at my world differently these days.

Phine said...

Love your new tangle PARENTHESES which looks like a snail shell…
The coloring of both tiles is beautiful and adds stunning dimension!