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Thursday, March 31, 2011

circle color zendala

circle color zendala
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Curves and only curves was the challenge for the week.

My favorite tangle from Yoga for your Brain, pg 26, is Stature - the four purple parts on this mandala.

So I ask myself,
     "Why am I drawn to mandalas?"
              Well, . . .

One tidbit I have picked up is the understanding that the term 'mandala' was the term for a chapter within a collection of mantras (verses of hymns that were chanted.) These verses were sung in a round. These hymns contain a pattern. Putting this together - I can see how these pieces visually symbolize this musical experience. Mandalas start from the center and build out with patterns repeating and the artist getting into a rhythmic pattern of placing strokes. Building on this, making these mandalas and Zentangling gets me into a place of putting down strokes in a rhythmic, conscious manner . . . and this is what I have loved about calligraphy for 20 years. While practicing the strokes there is a beat and a contemplative sense that takes over.

Even the repetitious job of wedding envelopes can bring about this calming (however, some times the mind slips and panics that a mistake might be made on the state and thus an envelope wasted ;0 .) 

So as I get ready for several wedding jobs, I hope to hold on to this method of rhythmic patterns and enjoy sharing my gift with an excited bride. And now when I need to warm up or get my head in the game, I can create a Zentangle tile and be back in a pleasant state of mind.


Tinkered Art said...

How lovely - especially like how you used inapod - totally different look and feel.

Okami said...

This is gorgeous and the colors are wonderful

Anonymous said...

Interesting and lovely!

stART said...

Very interesting post, kiddo. Thanks for the mini-tut on the origins of "mandala"; and your coloured version is exquisite!

Darkskye said...

Very lovely. I love Mandalas as well, and your reflection on their meaning is well said. As I'm sure you know, you can get into that same set of mind with coloring mandalas, too. Nicely done

ledenzer said...