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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking for help

This is a sample sheet of some Zentangles. Unfortunately, I am still working out how to keep records of the names and designers; so there are 3 I do not know the names of. Any help out there?

I'm sure there is someone out there who can simply look and know this information! Thanks for any help!
I then used this sheet to try out some techniques - glitter, color shading with direct and indirect techniques, pencil shading and the watercolor pencils. One thing I learned - I added a black shimmer gelly roll pen on top of Strircles, then tried to do a watercolor wash; gelly rolls are not waterproof! The black in the blue is from the gelly roll :(


Tinkered Art said...

The one at the end of the top row might be Beaded by Ann Griffin her blog is

The 3rd one in the second row appears to be Hollibaugh which is one of the official Zentangle patterns. If you have the Zentangle Kit it's part of the instructions for the first tile. The only online instructions I've seen is over on Sandy Bartholomew's site

Hope that helps

Beth Skipper said...

Sorry, I have the same problem trying to keep track of all the pattern names, The one on the top right looks similar to Fescu by Linda Farmer. I find her dite very helpful

The 2nd one from the left (on the top) looks like a cross between Sandy Bartholomew's BTL JOOS and Andrea Shuman's Bad Air Day

The one on the bottom might be Hollibaugh--it also might be an adaptation of Mosaic. Another great resource is

:-) Beth

Beth Skipper said...

Correction--Fescu is not by Linda Farmer. It is one of the official Zentangle patterns. Linda did the instructions for drawing Descu that are posted on her site.