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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Color Mandala

I made this mandala with Zentangles (Zendala) perhaps a month ago. 

I wanted to use only the patterns which were introduced to folks at a wonderful retreat for creative souls. I finally took the time to give it color. I have been wanting to create my own color wheel for some time, so this looked like the perfect project. I used a variety of color pencils, but really like my set of woodless colour pencils by Koh-i-noor. I used a color blender on the outer ring of color and a white pencil on the smaller color wheel. Still debating if I will add color to the inside white area.

Here is the computer inversion of the wheel:

Another project that I completed with the idea of color wheel was my entry for the Graceful Envelope Contest in 2008. I love mailing in an envelope when the creative juices are flowing with the theme - which has not happened since 2008. Just thought the connection was worth sharing:


Genevieve said...

I love your colourful mandala!

Margaret Ann said...

Love your work! :)

Mariët said...

Great idea for a color wheel
Love it!

Catherine Langsdorf said...

carolynboettner- So beautiful in both design & color! :)

Cookie's Crafts- This is beautiful.

Line Lover- I agree. Beautiful

ledenzer- I love this!

molossus- who says Life Imitates

Doodles- Just gorgeous!

La_tigress- Very Vivid!

silvertipmouse- love this!!!!!!!!!

country15- woooh !

Belatrix29- Wonderful color wheel!

Roshanda said...
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Roshanda said...

The colors in your Zendala are wonderful! What a great idea for a color wheel!!!