artwork by Catherine Langsdorf

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Spent the weekend at Lutheridge - a wonderful retreat center in Western NC. The four day retreat was for enjoying your creative side in visual, music, poetry, whatever your interest. I was blessed to spend time helping with a Zentangle station and workshop. I had a few exciting 'Aha' moments.
First one, someone (George :o) realized that my -
is still read as ZEN when turned sideways!!!
How fun is that! Not planned, but grand!
Next I learned how to do this -

I know many of you know how to do this . . . and I have understood 'paradox' for a long time . . . but I finally SAW the squares and triangles that make up the 'string' to put the numerous paradoxes into.

and finally, I had time to finish a Zendala -

At some point I want to add color! But it is off to the Diva's Challenge!


stART said...

Too fun! I'm glad that Paradox finally stood still long enough to let you internalize the string, the ZEN/NEZ is too cool for words and OMG that ZENDALA! Wow! You have been a busy little tangler, haven't you!?! *G*

Darkskye said...

Oooooh, cool. And very creative with the zendala :D

Sue Clark said...

Wow! Beautiful work, all of them! I love the discovery of the ZEN turned sideways-how cool. You zendala is really pretty!

Jo Miller said...

What fun! I love them all!