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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bookmark exchange

Getting ready to send this in for a bookmark swap through a yahoo!group for Zentangle enthusiasts.

This could be my last tangle activity for a while. It is wedding season, and I have my elbows deep in envelopes. Each job has taught me something new - mostly what not to do, offer or agree to. My job of 200 has turned into 260+ which means they do not have extra envelopes. My MOB who seemed so ahead of the game and gave me her envelopes 10 day ago, has a list that is . . . well, . . . NOT ready to go, so that is sitting around waiting. Which means, I have committed to 3 jobs with the same deadline. OUCH! Hoping my husband kids will be understanding and independent.
Thanks for letting me go on a bit, certainly can not blog this on my wedding site.
OR should I? 
Something to ponder.

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Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Hi - your work is GORGEOUS!! I love the way the tangles flow with your beautiful calligraphy. I don't want to be annoying (really!) but need to point out that "Zentangle" is a noun only. We all slip when speaking, but in writing, it's safest to use the word "tangling". Ok, stepping off the soap box. ;-D